16" Foil Balloon - Silver Number - 9 (1pc)

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Inc.
SKU: HT-10-9

16 Inch Silver Foil Balloon Number - 9

Number balloons can be used for a wide range of decor and photo ops. Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary, specific year or any possible milestone event, adding balloon numbers with create a large impact. These balloons are self-sealing, so no heat sealer is required. Can be inflated with a straw or balloon hand pump and you're ready to go! This size will not float with helium and should be inflated with air only. Can be secured with fishing line or ribbon to any object or hang from the ceiling. Add them to existing balloon decor as the center piece or secure them to wall, table or chair. Hang with ribbon, string, fishing line by running it through the tabs on the balloon. Includes straw for inflation.

Size: 16"/41cm

  • Air-filled
  • Self-sealing

PLEASE NOTE: Balloon arrive uninflated

Number Balloon decor is available at HokeyPokeyBalloons.ca

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