38'' Baby Boy - Dark Skin Tone - Foil Balloon (1pc)

Manufacturer: Qualatex
SKU: W18964

38'' Baby Boy - Dark Skin Tone - Foil Balloon (1pc)

Accent your baby boy themed party with this 38" shaped Baby Boy foil mylar balloon.

Size: 38'' (97 cm)

Self Sealing

PLEASE NOTE: Balloon arrive uninflated

Helium inflated and weighted foil balloons available at HokeyPokeyBalloons.ca

Foil balloons are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. In cold air, they may appear deflated; warm air should expand them again. Extreme heat could cause the helium to expand and burst the balloon.

Foil balloons may conduct electricity. Do not release helium filled foil balloons outdoors or use near overhead power lines. Use only non-metallic ribbon and attach the balloon to a weight to keep it from floating away

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