Airbrush Fittings (118) Quick Disconnects with Valve(1/8")

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Inc.
SKU: quick-disconnect-118
Provides an easy method for changing airbrushes without the need to release air pressure or unscrewing each airbrush.

Airbrush Fittings (118) Quick Disconnects with Valve(1/8")

This airbrush quick release disconnect coupler mounts inline between your airbrush and hose, and provides an easy method for disconnecting and changing airbrushes without releasing air pressure or unscrew fittings. Perfect airbrush accessory for connecting the airbrush and single air supply hose.


Automatically shuts off air flow from the hose when disconnected.
Professional airbrush quick connector accessories for airbrush and air hose.
Handy airbrush tool with standard 1/8" BSP connections.
A simple twist of the coupler allows you to control the airflow.
The airflow adjustment control valve provides you hassle-free micro airflow control to your airbrush.
Can instantly control the airflow to your airbrush without having the hassle of reseting your air compressor regulator.
The quick-release action allows you to quickly change airbrushes when you use multiple airbrushes with a single air supply hose.
Comes with 1/8" male fittings and 1/8" female fittings.
Package Include: 1x Adapter

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