Bad Ass Mini Stencil - Zebra Stripes - 1003

Manufacturer: iStencils
SKU: BAM 1003
BAM 1003 is great for Zebra Stripes. Bad Ass Mini Stencils by Andrea O’Donnell. Must have item for any face painters kit.

BAM (BadAss Mini Stencils) 1003. (Great for Zebra lines)

Bad Ass Stencils are one of the most popular lines of airbrush stencils used by artists worldwide. Each stencil was intricately designed by award-winning makeup artist and body painter Andrea O'Donnell, then individually laser cut on 7.5 mil Mylar plastic. Thin and flexible enough to achieve outstanding detail when stenciling, flexible enough to use all over the body and still come clean easily!

Size: Each mini stencil is on a 3.5 x 5 inch template. Exact dimensions may vary slightly due to irregular stencil shapes.

Tips: Bad Ass stencils can be used with your airbrush or with a brush and sponge. To clean stencils wipe down with soap and water or alcohol.

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