Basketball Stencil (ABA) - pack of 10

Manufacturer: Amerikan Body Art
SKU: Basketball-ABA-10
Design Size:4cm x 4cm

3 Layer Self Adhesive Basketball Glitter Tattoo Stencil 2"x2"

This high quality vynal glitter tattoo stencils are similar to a sticker. These stencils have a clear transfer layer, the vynal stencil, and a back paper layer. This design allows for easy transfer to the skin. Stencil adhesive is made with a medical grade skin safe adhesive that won’t leave a residue or a sticky surface.

Vynal stencil can be used for glitter tattoo, airbrush tattoo or art , crafts projects and other applications.

To Use: Peel off bottom paper layer of the stencil and place the sticky part of the vynil stencil on the skin. Once into place. Remove stencil and apply glitter. Glimmer stencils are recommended for one time use per stencil.

To Remove glitter tattoos: Use baby oil or alcohol wipes.

Design Size: 4cm x 4cm each

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