BATT 7019 - Safe Hex

Manufacturer: iStencils
SKU: BATT-7019
Bad Ass Triple Threat Stencils were created with the multi-faceted artist in mind. Three variations of the same pattern allows the artist to adjust their application according to the size, shape and perspective scale of the surface area they are working on.

Bad Ass Stencils are made of a durable yet flexible 7 mil mylar plastic. The material is medium-weight and about the thickness of card-stock. The material is thin and flexible enough to achieve outstanding detail when stenciling... yet strong enough to clean and use many times. The material is solvent-proof.

Bad Ass Triple Threat Stencils, ideal for body painting and face painting.  Once mastered can give your design a little bit of extra wow. Very quick and easy to use. Bad Ass stencils can be used with your airbrush or with a brush and sponge.

Stencils detach into smaller more usable sizes. 

Cleaning Tips:

To clean stencils wipe down with soap and water or alcohol.


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