Ben Nye - Liquid Latex 8oz (LL3)

Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Expect 8-20 applications per ounce

Ben Nye Liquid Latex - 8oz

Ben Nye Clear Latex is a natural flesh tone rubber adhesive that dries almost clear. Great for applying prosthetic appliances an creating special effects ( aging, blisters or wound effects). Also can be used for sealing FX wax like Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax. Liquid Latex requires no remover; simply peel cured latex from the skin (see instructions).

Application: Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin with brush or sponge. Let it dry, after you can attach additional layers if desired, allowing each layer to dry throughly.

Removal: Swab beneath edges of latex with Quick Cleanser or baby oil. Gently peel latex from skin. Cleanse area with Hydra Cleanser or soap and water

Sensitivity (Precautions): Keep out of reach of children. For professional use. Test first on inside of forearm. Immediately remove and discontinue use if burning or rritation occurs.

Do not use on broken skin, eyelids, hair or fabric. DO NOT FREEZE

Ingredients: Latex Rubber, Aqua (Water), Ammonia

Expect 8-20 applications per ounce

Size: 8 oz, 236 ml

Made in USA

***Cold Weather Shipping Policy 
Liquid latex can freeze. Damage done to Liquid Latex by freezing is irreversible. As a preventative measure for all orders that contain latex it will be an additional charge for heating pack. In addition these, shipments will be REQUIRED to be upgraded to 3 Day Shipping. To ensure that the product is delivered within this time frame, we will ONLY be able to ship this product at the begining of the week to garantee arrival before weekend

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