Ben Nye Simulated Blood FX Powder SBP-1

Manufacturer: Ben Nye
A water-activated powder.

Ben Nye Simulated Blood FX Powder SBP-1 (Faus Sang en Poudre)

Ben Nye's Mass Casualty Blood Powder gives you heaps of hemoglobin in a hurry! Trusted by artists in film and television as well as professionals in training simulations, one jar of Mass Casualty Blood Powder converts into a gallon of regular consistency, freshly exposed blood - simply mix with water. The versatile formula can be thinned or thickened by using more or less water, or by substituting water with corn syrup. Washes from most fabrics and surfaces, though spot testing is suggested before use.

Directions: Mix contents with 1 gallon 3.78 lof water and stir until disolved. Apply to simulate blood. 

Remove with Hydra Cleanse or soap and water. 

Ingredients: CI N16035,1914, Red 40, Yellow 5, Sodium Bezoate

Size 85 gm (3 oz)

Made in U.S.A.

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