Bloodymarvellous - Liquid Blood - Light (30ml)

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Manufacturer: Bloodymarvellous


Consistency: Regular blood is a free running liquid product with a consistency similar to runny honey

Colour: Light shade represents brighter, 'freshly drawn' arterial blood

Uses: Can be used for a multitude of effects. Most often used by costume and art departments to represent moving/dripping blood, to create splatter or blood pools on a set, blood stained fabric and in the medical industry for use in training with patient simulators and haemorrhage procedures.  

Properties: Excellent for filling blood bags and squibs, pumps and capsules. Good for holding in the mouth. Colour will not separate on clothing and does not stain fabric, flooring, furniture or wig lace. Compatible with silicone and latex. Pleasant tasting and non irritating.  Safe if swallowed and if used around eyes.

Ingredients: 100% food grade ingredients. No alcohol. No chemicals. No nasties.  

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Non staining and very realistic
Again, this wonderful Bloody Marvellous product is bloody marvellous; it doesn't stain and looks so real.

This also doesn't taste horrible so is fine for filling a gelatin capsule or just putting in the mouth for lovely bleeding mouths.  

This blood (the liquid blood, rather than the thick kind) is runny so is great for actively bleeding wounds and dripping down from vampire teeth or gaping holes in necks or temples.  And because it doesn't stain you can splatter it everywhere without a concern :)


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