Bloodymarvellous - Thick Liquid Blood - Dark (30ml)

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Manufacturer: Bloodymarvellous


Consistency: Thick blood is a non-drip, non beading product with a consistency similar to treacle.

Colour: Dark shade represents deoxygenated venous blood and when fresh blood has darkened after exposure to air

Uses:   Our best selling product, very popular with make up artists to create a range of lasting on-skin blood effects which require little maintenance in controlled situations. Ideal for ensuring film continuity and for moulage effects in the medical industry. Safe to use in the mouth and around eyes.  Non beading on skin, silicone or prosthetic materials.

Properties: Thick blood will not run or bead if applied sparingly with a modelling tool or brush. It is even resistant to fine rain or water effects if sprayed with sealer. Does not dry and remains shiny and tacky. Easily removable with warm water and a flannel. Compatible with silicone, gelatine and latex prosthetics. Not recommended for use on clothing as the consistency is too thick to be absorbed into most fabrics.

Ingredients: 100% food grade ingredients. No alcohol. No chemicals. No nasties.  Safe to use in the mouth and around eyes.


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Very effective and great for deep wounds
This is excellent for creating deep wounds with it's dark realistic grossness :)  Like the light thick liquid blood, it stays where it's put, which is great for open scars and stitching across a forehead when you don't want it to run across the face and blur the rest of the makeup.  It doesn't stain skin or clothing.  Very cool stuff!

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