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Bloodymarvellous - Wound filler gel: Scab (15ml)

Bloodymarvellous - Wound filler gel: Scab (15ml)

Incredibly versatile scab paste, creates superficial skin effects in seconds.
Manufacturer: Bloodymarvellous
$ 9.99

Bloodymarvellous - Wound filler gel: Scab (15ml)


Scab wound filler enables you to create realistic on skin grazes, clean superficial cuts and scabs in seconds.


Highly tacky smooth paste which can be tapped on with a finger for very realistic scabs, cuts and grazing, or applied with a modelling tool and spread for a smooth finish with a wet finger. This is our driest on-skin product, so it doesn't transfer with contact. It remains flexible but not overly sticky or shiny and can be coloured with grease paint or reel colour to alter shade. Water resistant and especially durable when sealed.        


100% food grade ingredients. No alcohol. No chemicals. No nasties.

Aqua, glucose, glycerine, bicarbonate of soda, vegetarian gelatin, food colouring, sorbitol, edible preservatives, thickeners, acidity regulators and emulsifiers.