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Bloodymarvellous - Wound filler gel: Scratch (15ml)

Bloodymarvellous - Wound filler gel: Scratch (15ml)

Best selling, thick, sticky elastic gel for creating deep wound effects.
Manufacturer: Bloodymarvellous
$ 9.99

Bloodymarvellous - Wound filler gel: Scratch (15ml)


A thick, sticky, textured wound filler with an elastic base which can be laid on in lumps, smeared or strung out to create deep wounds or fine scratches. Creates quick and easy, highly realistic deep skin wounds.


This product does not dry, but adheres well to the skin and works especially well when sealed with a plastic sealer or spray on dressing. Very compatible with all the liquid bloods and has a good resistance to water effects. 


100% food grade ingredients. No alcohol. No chemicals. No nasties.

Aqua, glucose, glycerine, bicarbonate of soda, vegetarian gelatin, food colouring, sorbitol, edible preservatives, thickeners, acidity regulators and emulsifiers.

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