Christmas Elf Foil Balloon - 35" (1pc)

Manufacturer: Qualatex
SKU: 52935

35" Christmas Elf Mylar / Foil Balloon (1pc)

If your family loves Christmas and Balloons then this cute Christmas Elf Balloon is sure would raise the Christmas cheer. Christmas Elf Balloon is shaped like Santa's little helper face wearing  a green elf hat. Whether you're hosting a big family get-together or using it as a gift this elf balloon makes a festive holiday decoration or classroom decoration. Tie this holiday-themed balloon to a chair, a doorknob, or anywhere else in the house or at your office to add cheer to the rest of the decorations! Can be also combined with a festive balloon bouquet

Size: 35 Inch (89cm)

Self Sealing

PLEASE NOTE: Balloon arrive uninflated

Helium inflated and weighted foil balloons available at

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