Art Factory Chunky Glitter Loose - Blue Hearts - 50ml

Manufacturer: Art Factory
SKU: CG-0021
Art Factory Chunky Glitter is a new line of loose cosmetic grade glitters created for body art use by the Art Factory.

This line of chunky glitter is created using a mix of different holographic colors and shapes to sparkle up any face paint design or can be used by itself as a showstopper!

This line of glitter is offered to match our line of festival glitter gels.

You may also consider applying Festival Glitters to your hair, glitter roots, glitter chest etc.

Please note, our one ounce jar are filled with glitter by volume. The jar can contain 50ml/1 oz of fluid and is the same size as the Festival Glitter packaging. 
You may also buy the glitter in 4oz bags (approx 113 grams) or 1/2 lb (approx 225 grams).

Make sure to view alternative images for color swatches

Our product contains all cosmetic grade polyester glitters that are safe for the skin and can be used on the face. Please avoid using too close to the eyes or on eyelids. Chunky Glitter is best applied with our silicone glitter applicator.

Do not apply too close to the eyes or eyelids.

Please avoid using on very young children if there is a danger of them rubbing glitter into their eyes. Art Factory Chunky Glitter is designed for special effects and are not considered safe to use as eye makeup.

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