Diamond FX Blood (240 ml)

Manufacturer: Diamond FX
SKU: DFX-Blood-240ML
This famous stage blood is a deep red colour that is not too orange or too blue.

Diamond FX Blood (240 ml)

This famous stage blood is a deep red color that is not too orange or too blue. It has a thick consistency and will wash out of all fabrics except silk. It is non-toxic and completely digestable. If a deeper red is desired, you can add a chocolate syrup without changing viscous consistency. Used in thousands of Hollywood productions as well as hundreds of television series and Broadway shows. Contains 240 ML of blood.

This product is safe to use on most fabrics except silk! Rinse the stain immediately with hot water and soap. Safe on the skin. Can be ingested in small amounts.

This product is intended for professional use only! Keeo out of reach of children. MSDS-Skin: Safe on skin. Inhalation: no irritation. Eyes: if you get in the eye, flush with water and determine if a physician is needed. Oral: can in ingested in small amounts. Ingested too much, and it may cause diarrhea. 

Ingredients: Glucose, certified food color, bio degradable soap.

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