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Diamond FX Silicone

Diamond FX Silicone

Create the greatest creations (wounds, cuts and humps) with the Diamond FX Silicone. The two component silicone has to be mixed before use as 1:1. It is safe on all areas of the body.
Manufacturer: Diamond FX
$ 39.99

Diamond FX 2 Component Silicone

DFX Silicone modelling compound is a unique silicone prosthetic material, with limitless applications, such as fake cuts, wounds and burns, for the professional and non-professional make-up artist, it is simply the highest quality "out of the kit" material available. 

- Requires no heat to cure
- Mix component A and B in the proportion 1 to 1
- Cures in less than 5 mins
- More durable than gelatine and will not break down from heat or perspiration. 
- Can stained or painted easily
- Can be cleaned and reused for reapplication 
- Can be cast in almost any mold in less than 5 mins
-Apply with alcohol so it won't stick on your fingers or modulating tools.
-You can make your own color of silicone by adding face paint to compartment "B" of the transparent silicone or paint over your creation after it is dry. 
-After use you can remove the silicone from the skin and reuse it and apply with skin glue. 

2 jar of silicone Component A and B 38 gm each