Endura Primary Ink - 0.5oz - 6 pack

Manufacturer: European Body Art
A durable alcohol based ink used for body painting and temporary tattoos.

This primary set is a perfect primer to set up your airbrush kit! It includes BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, RED, and WHITE 0.5oz inks.

European Body Art's Endura alcohol based water proof airbrush makeup provides the best coverage, performance and longevity in the industry. Made with FDA approved colors, Endura is perfect for direct skin contact and even prosthetic applications. Endura dries upon contact, making it ideal for a fast paced special effects environment such as haunted houses, movie sets, body art operations and theatre makeup departments 

European Body Art Airbrush Inks are known for their intense colors and smooth formula that flows through your airbrush without clogging. EBA Inks are alcohol-based waterproof pre-mixed make up. EBA inks are ideal for temporary tattoos and when you require a stay put body paint. When used correctly, EBA Inks can last up to 4 days on the skin. Expect 100-300 tattoos per 1oz bottle.

EBA Inks require no special mixing and come ready to use. EBA Inks are available in a wide variety of colors including neon and metallic colors which makes them especially great for body art.  It is designed for the body, but can be used on the face if applied by a professional makeup artist. 

To Use: Shake your bottle of EBA paints vigorously to get the pigment moving. Pour directly into your airbrush or bottle and blast cap and spray.

To Remove: Use baby oil or alcohol.

Important Notes: We do not recommend using alcohol based paints on the face of youths. Always consult with your customers prior to using alcohol based paints for full body art.


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