Global - Fun Strokes Dragon Fire - 25g

Manufacturer: Global Colours
Colours: Back, Red, Orange, Neon Orange, Yellow

Global - Fun Strokes Dragon Fire (Mexico) - 25g

Global Colours’ Dragon Fire One Stroke (25g) similar to formerly named Mexico and contains the following colours: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow

Dragon Fire is one of our all time best sellers, as it is ideal for such a variety of uses. It is the all-time best one stroke for creating perfect flames. Use it to create flaming skulls designs, flaming soccer balls for sporting events, or fire-breathing monsters. Dragon Fire's other fantastic use is in creating a wide variety of dragon designs, dinosaurs, Halloween eye designs and monster masks. Combine it with Global Colours' Strong Black on a reptile-skin stencil for incredible results. Also, fantastic when used with a dauber to create creepy spider designs.

How to use a One Stroke:

Using a damp flat brush, move your brush back and forth over the one stroke cake, parallel with the stripes to activate and load the paint. (Your flat brush should be 1 inch wide to load all the colours, or ¾, ½ or ¼ inch wide to pick up just a few of the colours). When your brush is fully loaded, paint the brush along the skin and watch the magic happen! All the colours will flow off the brush at the same time. You can create hundreds of designs by moving the brush in specific ways on the skin (see our tutorials for ideas). One strokes can also be applied using daubers. See our tutorials for this method. REMOVAL: Remove easily from the skin with water and soap. No scrubbing or staining!

Global Colours’ face and body paint is a painter’s dream come true. With bold, vivid colours and a smooth consistency, Global colours are ideal for face and body art. The Global Colours range contains 50 vibrant shades including UV reactive, metallic and pearl colours. Global Colours’ 32g face and body paint cakes are easily activated with water, dry to a velvety finish in under a minute, and stay bold, bright and smudge-free in even the toughest conditions. Containing only approved cosmetic ingredients that comply with all worldwide safety regulations , this 100% non-toxic cosmetic-grade face and body paint is:
- Skin-safe
- Paraben free
- Fragrance free
- Palm oil free
- Vegan
- Not tested on animals
- Hypoallergenic
- Water-activated, so a little goes a long way (great value!)
- Highly pigmented, bright colours
- Reliable even in hot and humid climates
- Non-staining and easy to remove
- Made in an ethical facility with safe working conditions
- In recyclable packaging
- Compliant with all worldwide safety regulations, including FDA, EU and Australian standards (regular colours conform to FDA, EU and ASTM; and neon colours conform to EN 71-3)

Container Size: 2 1/16" x 1 1/4" x 10/16".

Weight: 25G

Made in Taiwan

APPLIES TO USA AND EUROPE ONLY:  All Global Colours products, EXCEPT neon's are compliant with FDA and European Union Cosmetic Directives.  Neon colours, like in many other brands, are made with pigments that have not been approved by the FDA to be used in cosmetics (the FDA has not tested them yet for cosmetic use) but they have been independently tested and have been determined safe for cosmetic use by independent laboratories.

These products are approved for "Special FX".

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