Graftobian Liquid Latex - Clear (1 oz)

Manufacturer: Graftobian
SKU: J88562
Graftobian Liquid Latex is white when wet, crystal clear when dried.

Graftobian Liquid Latex - Clear (1 oz/29 ml)

  • Description: Graftobian Clear Liquid Latex formula is white when wet, crystal clear when dried. Good for everything from adhering lightweight facial appliances to creation of scars and blisters and wrinkled skin to coating appliance and wax edges and surfaces prior to applying colored make-up.
  • Size: 1 oz. bottle with brush

How to use.

  1. Apply a light coat of a good moisturizing lotion before applying the liquid latex to the skin if covering a large area.
  2. Shake the liquid latex bottle very well.
  3. Apply a thin coat of latex with a brush or sponge. (These tools must be immediately washed in soapy water.)
  4. To create wrinkles, pull the skin outward during application and drying. Powder lightly. Release the skin.
  5. To create a cut, paint on a wide stripe of latex the length of the scar. After it dries, roll the edges towards the center and coat with another layer of latex.
  6. A blow dryer is also very handy if you plan on applying multiple coats of latex to get your desired look.
  7. To remove, simply scratch loose an edge and peel off.

***Cold Weather Shipping Policy 
Liquid latex can freeze. Damage done to Liquid Latex by freezing is irreversible. As a preventative measure for all orders that contain latex it will be an additional charge for heating pack. In addition these, shipments will be REQUIRED to be upgraded to 3 Day Shipping. To ensure that the product is delivered within this time frame, we will ONLY be able to ship this product at the begining of the week to garantee arrival before weekend




Not for use on skin, do not apply this product when pregnant. When using latex products always do a patch test to avoid allergic reactions. Keep product away from eyes, mouth, hair, and clothing. 



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