Graftobian Modeling Wax - Light Flesh (1 oz)

Manufacturer: Graftobian
SKU: J88580

This is the ideal wax for creating just about any facial addition: warts, broken nose, deep contusion, you name it. 


To use: 1) Apply Spirit Gum to desired area where you want your wart, etc.  2) Tap Spirit Gum until tacky, usually a few taps with fingertip.  3) Roll wax into a ball in palm of hand and press onto tacky area, flaring out and shaping as desired.  Use a very small amount of make-up remover on your fingertip to smooth the wax once the shape is finished.  4) Powder down with face powder.  5) Seal the wax with either Flexible Wax Sealer or with Liquid Latex stippled on with a white foam wedge.  6) Allow to dry and repeat until you have a durable skin over the wax.  7) Apply your make-up, blood, etc.

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