Henna Stencil 8 - Small Flower - SOBA

SKU: KB-Henna8

Now is a perfect time to learn the art of henna with these beautifully intricate stencils  designed by interantonal henna artist Kim Brennan. These stencils can be used for hand, shoulder, arm or anywhere else your customers want! Great item to add to your destival and fairs, or weddings too! Try the finger accents to add more sales! ProAiir makeup has a Henna colour hybrid and ink to make your henna designs look perfect! 

Mandala Madness:

The most basic mandala translates to 'disk' or 'circle' and is very popular among the spiritual seekers and traditional patterns. It represents tge universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandala's can be super complex or very simple, but this design is sure to put a smile on any client! 

Each stencil come with a 6"x4" display flash card and a 7"x4" 0.5mil reusable mylar stencil. 




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