Holographic White GLITTER (15ml)

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Manufacturer: Amerikan Body Art
SKU: HWhiteG-15
Holographic White GLITTER - perfect for face & body art.

Holographic White is the most popular glitter color for henna artists and face painters. It is a sheer holographic glitter. It is best used for face & body painting, poofing over wet henna paste, and for body glitter. It does not work well on its own for glitter tattoos, but can be added to our opaque glitter colors for added sparkle. It is NOT suitable for making nail polish. Our Ultra-Fine glitters are .008 hex particle size.  

Holographic White GLITTER (15ml)

  • Cosmetic Grade Glitter
  • Holographic Glitter Particles
  • Prismatic Special Effects
  • Comes in a Poofer Bottle 

 Glitters can safely be used around the eyes.

Hold the poof bottle 1-3 inches from the design/skin and gently squeeze. For best results apply the glitter on top of a face painting design while its still wet so the glitter will stick to the paint.

Final SALE. Sorry, NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE, due to hygiene and quality reasons.

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Gorgeous for all designs
This glitter is the perfect one for basically any flower, butterfly, rainbow, or any design for girls. You squeeze the bottle and just a little bit comes out, but the air disperses the glitter in such a way so that a little goes a long way and covers a lot of area! So it's not wasteful at all. I'd say no more than three "puffs" are needed to cover an entire face because the glitter catches the light so nicely. This glitter is a smaller bottle but should last me a while. Great product, will purchase again.
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Glitter for any design!
Holographic white is perfect, goes with every colour and every design!

Essential to any face painting kit, if you want one glitter in your kit this is the one.

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