Iridescent Blue Diamond - Skin Wars Natalie Fletcher - Endura Ink - 1 oz

Manufacturer: European Body Art
SKU: PR16S/W-93
A durable alcohol based ink used for body painting and temporary tattoos.

Endura Iridescent colors illuminate, highlight and brighten the skin. As the subject moves, the reflective colors appear and disappear when exposed to light providing an endless array of striking artistry in cutting-edge beauty and special effects applications. EBA’s Endura Iridescent line transforms the look of ordinary makeup into works of alluring radiance.Endura Iridescent makeup implements an HD illuminating pigment technology that delivers previously unseen elegance to the world of beauty, special effects and body painting makeup.
Based on the renowned performance of European Body Art’s Endura and an expert color selection by Natalie Fletcher, the winner of TV’s Skin Wars, airing exclusively on GSN, Endura Iridescent makeup combines the best of performance and color.

• Light reflective color technology
• HD pigments for “up-close” focus
• Color selection by Natalie Fletcher
(The Winner of Skin Wars on GSN Network)
• Durable: rub, sweat, chlorine and salt water resistant
• Highly pigmented providing instant coverage
• Applicable on skin, foam, latex or silicon appliances
• Clog-less performance and Instant drying
• Easily Removable with Vapore or SKT-7
• Dilute-able with Transluz or 99% alcohol
• EBA exclusive in house formulation

• Special Effects Makeup
• Body Painting
• Face, eye and lip cosmetics

• Use as highlights (last layer)
• Apply a thin and light coverage
• Avoid multiple layering
• Best if used in bright light


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