Iwata 10' (3m) Straight Shot Airbrush Hose with Iwata 1/8" Airbrush Fitting and 1/4" Compressor Fitting

Manufacturer: Iwata-Medea
SKU: DT I 10

Iwata Straight Shot Airbrush Hose is made of polyurethane material  which is 1/3 the weight and twice the strength of the braided airhose.

The attached Iwata airbrush fitting and 1/4" compressor fitting use O-rings which form leak-proof seals when attached.

PLEASE NOTE: Compressor hose fitting is 1/4" and works perfectly with any Iwata Compressor. If using with any Proaiir Compressor, it requires an adaptor as the fitting on that Compressor is 1/8".

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