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Jackie Ochitwa - Balloon Deco-Twisting Workshop - 2 days

Jackie Ochitwa - Balloon Deco-Twisting Workshop - 2 days

Want to branch into decor? Then this workshop is for you! Jackie Ochitwa will cover advanced balloon twisting techniques, with an emphasis on deco-twisting and decor.
Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Inc.
$ 245.00

2 Day DECO-TWISTING Workshop with Jackie Ochitwa



July 19th and 20th, 2018

From 10:00 am To 4:00 pm with an hour for lunch


DAY 1: July 19th 2018

Learn how to twist up fun and colorful themed number centerpieces utilizing the simple box weave in this hands-on class.  Jackie Ochitwa will break down all the numbers from 0-9! We will also twist up some cute figures and learn how to incorporate foils and other twisted balloon elements to give your piece incredible added perceived value that your clients will love. 

This intermediate level class will expand on techniques you already know. Beyond the line.  For experienced twisters looking to branch out into deco-twisting.  Learn to incorporate round balloons to make beautiful and profitable delivery pieces.

DAY 2: July 20th 2018

Unicorns and mermaids are by far the most popular birthday party themes for little girls.  Keep up with the trends and learn to twist simple but impressive designs that will impress your clients and add value to any of your décor pieces.  

Learn the secrets to creating gorgeous centerpieces featuring twisted girls with big, beautiful, bouncy balloon hair.  Discover how easy it is to add some non-round balloons to your already gorgeous décor as we twist up pretty girls that will impress your clients yet are remarkably quick to put together.  We will go through some time-saving tips and tricks that will make even the not-so-artistic of you shine.  

Please bring your balloon kit with you. Additional materials will be available for purchase during the workshop.

Hokey Pokey Shop, 200 Edgeley Blvd, Unit 16th (2nd floor) . Sorry no elevator is available.


TTC: Exit at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, walk west along New Park Place, turn right on Edgeley, and walk north just past Portage Parkway. We are on the Edgeley-facing side of 200 Edgeley, which is at the north-west corner of Edgeley and Portage Parkway. 


Driving via Hwy 7 Westbound: Turn right at the light at Edgeley Blvd and Hwy 7, drive north on Edgeley until you reach Portage Parkway. The driveway for the building is just north of this intersection. 

Driving via the 400: Exit onto Hwy 7 Eastbound. Turn left onto Edgeley Blvd, head north to Portage Parkway. 




Please bring a lunch with you. There will be a microwave, kettle, and fridge available. 


$25 of your payment is not refundable booking fee. If you cancel before June 30th, the reminder of your payment will be refunded. If you cancel on or after June 30th 2018 unfortunately we will not be able to offer you any refund, but you can transfer your spot at workshop to another artist.

We will need a minimum of 10 artists to signed up to confirm the workshop. If minimum is not met by June 30 a full refund will be issued back.