Kryvaline One Stroke Split Cakes Palette - 120gr

Manufacturer: Kryvaline
SKU: Kryvaline-One-Stroke-Palette

Amaing palette with split cakes will allow you to create beautiful face painting designg just with one stroke. Quick rainbows, butterfly wings and more can be elevated with the use of the glorious little creations. One stroke is also intended to be used with sponges. These larger versions will allow you to create beautiful multi-color background for almost any designs in a fraction of the time and with added wow factor.

This palette contains cakes that are great for a wide variety of popular designs for boys and girls and makes a convenient travel kit. It provides all of the basic split cakes and a black and white for your line work and highlights!

The rainbow colors can be picked up and applied onto skin with a brush or a sponge or both for a larger design. This kit can create approximate 120 designs with one stroke technique.

The dimension of the case is 8.25 x 8.875 x 0.625 inches. The dimension of the cake containers are 1.5 x1.18 x 0.5 inches. They are removable from the case for easy cleaning.

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