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Mehron - Stage Blood w/ 6 Capsules Carded (0.5oz)

Mehron - Stage Blood w/ 6 Capsules Carded (0.5oz)

Manufacturer: Mehron
$ 6.99

Mehron Blood Capsules are the choice for realistic spurting and oozing effects! Mehron's Stage Blood is a viscous, lifelike, nearly opaque liquid that is non-toxic and safe for use in and around the mouth. Washes off skin easily with soap and warm water and from most fabrics and surfaces, though spot testing is suggested before use. Includes 6 fillable blood capsules and 0.5 fl oz of Bright Arterial Stage Blood. Fill with Stage Blood and insert into the mouth and bite down for an exploding effect or let it dissolve for a slow, trickling drool.

Contains 6 Capsules and 0.5fl.oz / 15ml. Stage Blood. *Note: May not wash out of some fabrics. Not for use in eyes. 

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