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Mehron Sweat & Tears

Mehron Sweat & Tears

Sweat and Tears is the right product to use for simulating sweating beads of moisture, or tears of emotion on an actor
Manufacturer: Mehron
$ 8.99

Mehron Sweat & Tears Special Effects Liquid 

Have you ever wondered how actors cry and sweat on command? We can tell you the secret,Sweat & Tears by Mehron. This special effects liquid is used by actors and actresses to help them emit Sweat & Tears when needed in a performance on Stage or in front of cameras.Sweat & Tears is a proprietary development of Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927. Now anyone can enhance their performance with Sweat & Tears when the mood's not there. This 1 oz bottle of Sweat & Tears is produced for theatrical applications, not to be used to fool your lover, wife, husband or parents!! Mehron can not be held responsible if someone in your life fools you with our realistic Sweat & Tears.

Ingredient: Glycerin