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Mini-Pro Student Makeup Kit - Medium/Olive Medium

Mini-Pro Student Makeup Kit - Medium/Olive Medium

Medium/Olive Medium Make-up kit
Manufacturer: Mehron
$ 32.99

 Mini-Pro Student Makeup Kit -  Medium/Olive Medium 

Together with the help of our theatre experts we’ve updated and simplified our “MINI-PRO” Student Makeup Kits! Experience this kit equipped with exactly what modern performer needs to get ready for his/her performance. Kit includes more versatile colors and additional accent shades that can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lip etc.  

The New KMP contains:

* 8 Color palette with 4 foundation shades each good for 7-10 applications 2 eye creams 2 lip/cheek creams

*1 Colorset powder

*1 Powder puff

*Dark brown eyebrow - eyeliner pencil

 *1 Stageline brush

*1 Stipple sponge

*2 Non-latex sponges

 *Instruction booklet.