Paint Pal Luxe Swirl #4 - Round Brush

Manufacturer: Silly Farm

Paint Pal Luxe Swirl #4 - Round Brush

The NEW Luxe Line of Paint Pal brushes are here!   Top of the line brushes created by painters for painters. The brilliant gold handle will make your kit sparkle.

The Luxe Line of swirl brushes features synthetic bristles, with a firm snap that will allow you to create perfect lines, swirls, tear drop and strokes every time.

Made and designed by the same factory that makes the famous Gold Grip series, the Luxe Line is a must for every painter.

To use: Dip brush in water and rub on the surface of the make up until you build a lather. Then apply directly to the skin.To clean: Rinse with water and Brush Bath or any mild brush cleaner

Important Notes: To get the most of your brushes, store in a place that will not bend the tips or flatten the bristles. It is recommended that you do not leave your brushes soaking in water because you will bend the tips and cause separation of the bristle hairs.

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