ProAiir Dips Pink (1oz)

SKU: Dips Hot Pink
DIPS is concentrated waterproof makeup for line work only - NOT for background color


Just squirt a little on a pallet, dip your brush and go.  Design for detailed line work, dots or one stroke style of painting!  Dips works great over other body art background products as long as it's dry. Now your time spent painting will last, no smears no tears.  Bounce Houses loves ProAiir since we don't smear on their equipment!

DIPS is formulated from the ProAiir Hybrid airbrush makeup but is  concentrated for Brush On Applications only.  DIPS is best for any HOT, sweaty, raining days or water park jobs.  Dips will NOT smudge, smear but is easily removed with LIQUID soap and wash cloth.  DIPS repells water.   DIPS is NOT made with Rubbing Alcohol  (Isopropyl) but is with a 200 % Proof Cosmetic alcohol only found in makeup manufactories.

DIPS is concentrated makeup for line work only - NOT for background color.

It's NOT suggested to use as eye liner (over or under).

Use DIPS as your line work over cake makeup, powders or straight onto skin.
You may need: mister bottle of 99% alcohol (try our thinning formula too), an old makeup cover lid or some plastic pallet tray for blending.

Cleaning: NO water!! Either allow to dry naturally (won't harm bristles) or rub LIQUID soap thru bristles and wipe clean with paper towel. NO more messy water cups!

Tips for use:

  • Give DIPS bottles a thorough shaking before use – burp bottles afterwards to release pressure.
  • Apply to skin that is clean of lotions, oils and dirt.
  • Dispense DIPS onto a small, sealable pallet to avoid spilling and to slow the drying process.
  • Thin DIPS with alcohol to achieve desired consistency and to alleviate cracking.
  • Load brush from pallet, misting with alcohol as needed to thin, blend or reactivate dried makeup.
  • To create new colors, combine multiple DIPS or DIPS with ProAiir Hybrid on a pallet.
  • Keep DIPS sealed when not in use to avoid thickening or drying; reactivate with alcohol as needed.
  • Pink may stain the skin, apply a white undertone to prevent it.
  • Try a kabuki Brush.
  • WATCH THE VIDEO to learn more.

Tips for cleaning brushes:

  • Do NOT use water!
  • Either allow to dry naturally (reactivate with alcohol when ready to use again) or rub LIQUID SOAP thru bristles and wipe clean with paper towel. Say goodbye to messy water cups.
  • Try our scrubby

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