ProAiir Hybrid - Skin Tone Set ( 6 x 1oz )

Pack of 6 Skin tone airbrush paint

ProAiir Hybrid - Skin Tone Set ( 1oz )

The ProAiir Hybrid Skintone Kit contains 1 ounce containers of:  ST05, ST10, ST20, ST30, ST40, and ST50.

ProAiir Skin Tones are water resistant and smudge proof and provide a MATTE finish.  They're perfect for makeup application or covering tattoos. For longest durability, apply to clean skin without foundation in place.  For shorter durability, apply foundation or lotion to the skin prior.  Removal is easy with Makeup Remover or Liquid Soap rubbed into skin first, then rinse with water after.

Yes, Hybrid is VEGAN and not tested on animals.

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