Silly Farm - FAB Holiday Limited Edition Palette - 6 x 11g

Manufacturer: Silly Farm

Silly Farm - FAB Holiday Limited Edition Palette - 6 x 11g

The FAB Holiday Limited Edition Palette comes with 6 FAB Makeup Colors. The new FAB line presented by SuperStar is a water based face and body make up that is easy to use because of its creamy consistency, and bold colors. FAB paints remove easily with soap and water and are ideal for face and body art because they do not crack and dry in under 2 minutes. Each container has a clear lid making it easy to find colors and keep your set up looking pristine and professional.

Content: Six (6) 11gm FAB Makeup Colors (Glitter White, Yellow Shimmer, Chocolate, Fire Red, Ocean Shimmer, Sapphire Shimmer)

Use: Dampen brush or sponge and rub over the surface of the FAB paints until you build up a smooth creamy consistency, and then apply to the skin.

Removal: Removes with soap and water.

Note: Please be aware some FAB Makeup contains a very low, 0.003% fragrance level and is not recommended for use on those with allergies to fragrances or perfumes.

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