Speedball - Mona Lisa Pink Soap - 8oz (236.5 ml)

Manufacturer: Hokey Pokey Inc.
SKU: 13265
Brush cleaner, preserver, conditioner. Contains a conditioner - leaves no greasy feel. Safe for use on fabrics

Speedball - Mona Lisa Pink Soap 

The undeniable industry leader, Pink Soap is a must-have for any artist’s studio, classroom or shared workspace. This phenomenal soap not only cleans the fresh paint from your brushes but the dried paint as well! Mona Lisa Pink Soap is also great for conditioning and reshaping your brushes.  Excellent for use to clean oils, acrylics and watercolor paints from brushes, surfaces and even fabrics, this cleaner does it all! Contains no chlorides, alkalis, phosphates, or alcohol, Speedball’s® Pink Soap leaves no greasy residue after use. In addition to a brush cleaner, Speedball’s Pink Soap also acts as a brush preserver and condition.

Size:  8oz (236.5ml)

Made in USA

WARNING: Must be kept out of the reach of children. Eye irritant. ALKYL POLYGLCOSIDE. First Aid treatment : If eye contact occurs rinse with tap wate for 5-10 minutes. If irritation presists, seek medical care.

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