Superstar Eco Butterfly Petal Sponge - 1pc

Manufacturer: Superstar
SKU: 139-08.2
Individual Eco Butterfly facial sponge great for applying a lot of paint over a big area very quickly.

Superstar  Eco Butterfly Sponge - 1pc

The environment-friendly Make-up Sponge by Superstar!

This purple Eco Butterfly sponges as a professional face painting tool for face painters and body artists. They are perfect to use with the Superstar Dream Colours rainbow cakes to pick up a variety of colors in one swipe! Also will work perfectly with any other solid colors. Their purple color makes them look great in your face painting kit and helps to hide stains!

When using the Butterfly Sponge as a stamp, you can create the perfect butterfly eyes, flower eyes, just about any kind of eye designs!
To wash them off, simply use some soap, rinse well and dry them in the dryer for a fast and thorough dry or let air dry.

Dimensions:  2 and 3/8" long X 1 and 5/8" wide X  1 and 1/4" thick

Sponge measures 60mm x 30mm (6 x 3cm)

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