TAP 081 Face Painting Stencil Snowflake-Flower

Manufacturer: Jest Paint LLC
Measures 2" in diameter.

TAP 081 Face Painting Stencil - Snowflake-Flower

Check out the latest TAP Stencil design created by the Jest Paint team. This stencil is slightly larger than the other TAPS, it is 2 3/16" so that you have a larger border with less chance of sponging over the edge. 

TAP Stencils are super fun and easy to use. 

Try combining more than one stencil into a design for extra coolness!

- To avoid the risk of bleeding under the stencil, makeup wedges and acorn shaped sponges work great to apply paint, temporary tattoo inks or dry powders. 
- Sponges should be slightly damp, it is best to apply water to the paint and then pick up the wet creamy paint with your damp or dry sponge. 
- To avoid smudging, carefully wipe TAPS off with a moist sponge (and let dry) or a dry paper towel between uses, and make sure that you are painting over a dry base.
- When tapping the paint hold the stencil firmly against the skin using the 2 tabs on each side of the design. 
- To create a 3-D effect tap with one color, then slide the stencil over slightly and tap with a second color. 
- These stencils can be used many times, but be gentle with them so they last a long time. 
- Use a snap ring to hold your stencils so you don't lose them.

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